Welcome from Van Waddy, M.Ed.

atlanta_marriage_family_therapistI am a licensed marriage and family therapist who has worked with individuals, couples and families in Atlanta for over thirty-five years. I believe psychological work and spiritual awareness go hand in hand in addressing and healing the core questions and issues that drive the human spirit.

I have created this website in order to share articles I have written over a number of years that address these core issues and questions: suffering; the nature of relationships; our daily deaths and our ultimate dying (letting go of our breathing self); discovering and moving into our personal center; recognizing when we are in the presence of the archetypal Center; soul with its many metaphors and manifestations; surrender; work; and recognizing and embracing what I call the underworld — those difficult, sometimes shattering experiences that stretch and challenge us to grow beyond our present way of being in the world. Call it an ode to the human spirit. Call it an offering of metaphors and reflections on our human journey. Call it one therapist’s perspective of the many experiences offered us to create a meaningful and satisfying life. Just click on “Blog” above and enjoy.

I am available as a therapist for individuals, couples, and families in the Atlanta area seeking help to understand or improve the dynamics in their life that are troublesome or dissatisfying. I am also available for anyone interested in doing personal growth work — enriching their quality of soul, their quality of life, their aliveness. I meet with clients, by appointment, at my office for 55 minute sessions that are confidential and structured according to the particular person’s or couple’s need. Clients set the agenda for their work with me. There is, of course, a professional fee. Should you want to know more about how I work with clients, click on “About Van” above for more details.

My office is located on Piedmont Road between Peachtree and Roswell Road, at Piedmont Center. I am in Building Eight of the Piedmont Center complex, in Suite 102, which is on the Plaza Level of the building. The address is: 3525 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 102, Atlanta 30305. If you wish to have more specific directions, click on “Contact” above for directions and a map instructing you how to locate me. I can be reached at (404) 233-4401. All sessions are by appointment.